How much electricity is lost in power lines?

Answer According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, about 8 percent to 15 percent of energy is lost during transmission through power lines. Variables such as temperature, line composition ... Read More »

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Where does the electricity off the train lines go .... why do they keep it going through the night?

I just spent the day on an overhead line car, doing maintenance of overhead trolley wire with the 600V power on. The line car needs the 600V power to move around. The car and platform are made of ... Read More »

What are the health hazards when living in the proximity of electricity transmission lines and towers?

Sergeant Majors typically supervise sections within large units or are the chief NCO of Battalion level units or higher.

How to Make Electricity to Power a Boat?

Whether your boat is powered by wind or motor, electronic components and luxury goods depend on well-charged batteries. To help avoid a dead battery, and to help lower power costs, solar panels can... Read More »

Do power plants make electricity?

No, power plants do not "make" energy. They convert one form of energy into another. For example, if the plant runs on fossil fuel, that fossil fuel is converted into mechanical energy within the p... Read More »