How much electricity is lost in power lines?

Answer According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, about 8 percent to 15 percent of energy is lost during transmission through power lines. Variables such as temperature, line composition ... Read More »

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How much of the electricity produced in the u.s. comes from nuclear power plants?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 20.2 percent of electricity generation in the United States came from nuclear power in 2009. Nuclear power plants generated 798.7 million megawatt-hours ... Read More »

How much electricity is generated in one megawatt hour in a nuclear power plant?

Each megawatt a nuclear power plant generates equals one megawatt hour, or enough electricity to power about 800 "average households," according to the 2008 Congressional Budget Office study, "Nucl... Read More »

How much ice can bring power lines down?

The exact amount of ice necessary to bring down a power line varies depending on wind, location and other conditions. However, one inch of radial ice buildup on tree branches will often cause them ... Read More »

What are the health hazards when living in the proximity of electricity transmission lines and towers?

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