How much electricity does an air conditioning unit use?

Answer The energy used by an air conditioner can depend a great deal on the brand and type of unit, the target temperature and the ambient temperature. However, the APS electric utility estimates that a 1... Read More »

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How to Check Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Check these items before you call the AC repair company.

How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioning Unit?

Today's vehicles are made to travel hundreds of thousands of worry-free and maintenance-free miles. While there are usually few if any major problems before you reach 100,000 miles on a newer vehic... Read More »

Do they make a 6-ton air conditioning unit?

There are several manufacturers that make 6-ton air conditioning units, including Bard, Value Solar and CPC. While 6-ton air conditioning units are extremely large for a residential, they can be an... Read More »

What is the outside air conditioning unit called?

The outside air conditioning unit is called a condenser. The condenser works in conjunction with the indoor unit, or evaporator coil, to transfer heat from one unit to the other. Cooled air is th... Read More »