How much electricity does a mini fridge use?

Answer A mini fridge does not use much less electricity than a standard-sized refrigerator. A mini fridge uses an average of 280 kilowatt hours per year, compared with 390 kilowatt hours per year for a fu... Read More »

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Do fridge magnets inrceases electricity consumption for a refrigerator?

No, they don't effect electricity consumption one way or another. The magnets would have to be extremely powerful to change the consumption of a refrigerator. If you have any doubts, just remembe... Read More »

What can i put my mini fridge on?

On top of a box, on a cabinet, shelf, small table... Anything which suits the rest of your room really.Good luck!

Is my mini-fridge supposed to be doing this?

It could be low on refrigerant. Or the external coils need to be cleaned. Opening it a lot could do it. One person mentioned the door gasket. Clean that, and it's mating surface, with alcohol and m... Read More »

What is the purpose of a mini fridge?

Keep foods and beverages cool in a confined area