How much electricity does a fax machine consume in an hour?

Answer The amount of energy used by the fax machine depends on the type. The U.S. Department of Energy considers a fax machine to be energy efficient if it uses 10 to 15 watts (or fewer) in general sleep ... Read More »

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How much electricity does a 3D LED TV consume?

I'm not too sure about the specs of energy consumption but I do know Active 3Ds consume way more electricity than passive 3D TVs. Also, LG's cinema 3D TVs are all Smart Energy Saving plus.

How much electricity does a central air conditioner consume?

A central air cooling system can use 3500 watts of electricity per hour of use. In a typical home, the air conditioning system is the single appliance using the most electricity.References:Ask Mr. ... Read More »

How much electricity does an electric roaster consume?

A standard electric roaster will consume about 1425 watts or 120 volts while it is in use. Most electric roasters will roast, bake, steam and slow cook. The inner part of the oven also can serve a... Read More »

How much electricity does a 2000-watt transformer consume?

A 2000-watt transformer consumes electricity at a rate that is 2000 times the time duration in seconds. Electric power is the rate of consumption of electrical energy. So the electrical energy cons... Read More »