How much electricity does a dryer use?

Answer First, find the label attached to the dryer with the wattage used. Multiply this number by the total time used, which will be the total amount of energy used for the dryer. Convert this into cost p... Read More »

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How much electricity does a clothes dryer use?

An electric clothes dryer uses about 4,400 watts of electricity per load. According to the California Energy Commission, cleaning the lint filter and drying two loads of clothes in a row will help ... Read More »

How much electricity does a blow dryer use?

A blow dryer generates heat to dry your hair. Generating heat is a very energy inefficient process that draws a large amount of electricity. On low, the typical blow dryer will draw approximately 4... Read More »

How much electricity does a hair dryer use?

The average hand-held hair dryer runs at 1400 watts. This uses approximately 1.4 kilowatt hours of electricity. If you assume an average cost of electricity of 8.14 cents per kilowatt hour, it cost... Read More »

How much does a tumble dryer cost on electricity?

Most electric tumble dryers are inexpensive to run and cost roughly $1,530 over their average lifetime of 18 years, according to the California Energy Commission. This is approximately $85 per year... Read More »