How much electricity does a 42 in LCD TV use?

Answer Yes

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Are there any problems using appliances purchased for 120v 60Hz electricity on 120v 50Hz electricity?

A very important note There is no such thing as a 120 volt 50 Hz service! (But see >> Correction!

What Is AC & DC Electricity?

Electric current exists in only two forms, alternating (AC) and direct (DC). Experimenters discovered direct current electricity in the 1790s by tinkering with early chemical batteries. Since it fl... Read More »

Which TV uses more electricity - an LCD TV or an LED TV?

How much electricity does a box fan use?

A box fan uses 100 watts of electricity. If you had a box fan running in your home constantly for a whole year, it would cost you $105, or $8.76 per month.Source:How Do I Find Out How Much Electric... Read More »