How much electricity consumption is done by an Air Conditioner (In an Hour)?

Answer Air Conditioners are rated in BTUs, usually 5000 BTU for a small one, 10 or 15 or 20 thousand BTUs for bigger.One kilowatt/1 hour = 3412 BTUsSo, if you divide the BTU rating by 3412 you will get th... Read More »

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Do fridge magnets inrceases electricity consumption for a refrigerator?

No, they don't effect electricity consumption one way or another. The magnets would have to be extremely powerful to change the consumption of a refrigerator. If you have any doubts, just remembe... Read More »

Can electricity be generated from the friction of train wheels & tracks for mass consumption.?

Not from friction but by using the wheels and the rotational force to generate electricity to slow down.This is "regenerative or dynamic" braking and it turns the large motors driving the locomotiv... Read More »

How much electricity does a central air conditioner consume?

A central air cooling system can use 3500 watts of electricity per hour of use. In a typical home, the air conditioning system is the single appliance using the most electricity.References:Ask Mr. ... Read More »

How much electricity is used by a TV in an hour?

A TV uses approximately 80 to 400 watts of electricity per hour. Specific features of your TV like the size, manufacturer and model determine the actual wattage used per hour.Source:Michael Bluejay... Read More »