How much electricity consumption is done by an Air Conditioner (In an Hour)?

Answer Air Conditioners are rated in BTUs, usually 5000 BTU for a small one, 10 or 15 or 20 thousand BTUs for bigger.One kilowatt/1 hour = 3412 BTUsSo, if you divide the BTU rating by 3412 you will get th... Read More »

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How much electricity is used by a TV in an hour?

A TV uses approximately 80 to 400 watts of electricity per hour. Specific features of your TV like the size, manufacturer and model determine the actual wattage used per hour.Source:Michael Bluejay... Read More »

How much electricity does a central air conditioner consume?

A central air cooling system can use 3500 watts of electricity per hour of use. In a typical home, the air conditioning system is the single appliance using the most electricity.References:Ask Mr. ... Read More »

How much electricity does a fax machine consume in an hour?

The amount of energy used by the fax machine depends on the type. The U.S. Department of Energy considers a fax machine to be energy efficient if it uses 10 to 15 watts (or fewer) in general sleep ... Read More »

How much electricity is generated in one megawatt hour in a nuclear power plant?

Each megawatt a nuclear power plant generates equals one megawatt hour, or enough electricity to power about 800 "average households," according to the 2008 Congressional Budget Office study, "Nucl... Read More »