How much electric current does each of these items need a colour television b vacuum cleaner c stove element d toaster e electric clock?

Answer Because it is made up of iron and steel!

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A vacuum cleaner is plugged into a 120.0-V socket and uses 3.0 A of current in normal operation when the back emf generated by the electric motor is 72.0 V Find the coil resistance of the motor?

Stable voltage across the motor = (120 - 72) = 48 VR = E / I = 48/3 = 16 ohms.(Assumes power-factor of 1, no reactances, back-emf in phase with the line, etc.)

How to Change a Bake Element in a GE Electric Stove?

GE bake elements malfunction from time to time just like any other electric stove, and changing the bake element is no different in the GE electric stove than any other brand. The bake element atta... Read More »

How to replace a element control on your electric stove?

instead of repairing your things just buy new one....

Who made the first electric vacuum cleaner?

Answer Assming that it's not a leak in the ice-maker or cold water dispenser...Water condenses inside a refrigerator and on the freezer coils. When that water is removed (self defrosting freezers)... Read More »