How much education do the teen mother get after giving birth?

Answer It depends where they live and what provision there is for them in their local area. Generally, they get a lot less after having a baby because they look after their baby instead (not that looking ... Read More »

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What needs does a mother have after giving birth?

Mother needs moral support from her husband and family as she face motherhood experience.

Does it hurt when a mother is giving birth to a baby?

Yes IT hurts a lot but it's a pain that's worth it because you have a baby to love at the end of it! You soon forget the pain otherwise mothers would only have one child.

What to feed a mother dog after giving birth to puppies?

nothing for 2 hours then water and then start gradually getting them back to dog kibble

What is the hospital policy for a mother and child to be discharged after giving birth?

When I was discharged they told me that I have to be wheeled out in the wheel chair because it was "policy" honestly I don't understand why if I wanted to walk out. But I can't change it.