How much education did Paul Revere have?

Answer From ages 7 to 13, Paul Revere attended the North Writing School. The education he received was more than most children got at the time, according to the Paul Revere Heritage Project. After school,... Read More »

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How many siblings did Paul Revere have?

What night did Paul Revere have his famous ride?

Paul Revere was sent on a ride April 18, 1775, to deliver a message to John Adams and John Hancock. Revere's mission began in Boston, Massachusetts, and he rode to Lexington, Massachusetts, to warn... Read More »

How far did paul revere ride?

Paul Revere's famous midnight ride began on April 18, 1775. To spread the message that British soldiers were en route to Concord, Revere rode his horse almost 12 miles. His route was from Charlesto... Read More »

Where did Paul Revere die?

Paul Revere remained healthy until old age and died of natural causes at his home on Charter Street in Boston on May 10, 1818, at the age of 83. He was buried at the Granary Burying Ground.More Inf... Read More »