How much drinking does it take to damage the liver permanently?

Answer Drinking is a deeply embedded social activity and way of life in the U.S. Approximately half of the people in the U.S. partake in drinking on a regular basis. How much drinking does it take to dama... Read More »

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Will drinking 4 liters of red wine per week cause liver damage?

yes and you'll get yellow teeth. try just drinking on special occasions

How much Tylenol can damage the liver?

Taking any amount of acetaminophen that exceeds the prescribed limit can damage the liver (how much acetaminophen to take varies according to age and body weight; see package label for directions).... Read More »

If i take 30 percocet tablets in a 3 month period, can i get liver damage?

Heres what people need to understand about drugs like percoset. Doctors and the media are making such a big stink over a tiny bit of narcotic, nobody is telling patient the majority of these drugs ... Read More »

How much Niacin causes liver damage?

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is often used in daily doses of about 50 mg to treat high cholesterol. But for daily doses exceeding 100 mg, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends, "periodic c... Read More »