How much does your weight fluctuate daily?

Answer Well you aren't fat. I wouldn't be worried.

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How much do thyroid levels fluctuate day to day?

Thyroid hormone tests are conducted regularly in patients with thyroid disease in order to determine that proper treatment is being used. There are different factors that can influence thyroid horm... Read More »

Why does the U.S. dollar fluctuate?

Foreign exchange rates are associated with international trade and the global economy. Americans monitor U.S. dollar valuations as a benchmark for national success. Adverse currency movements carry... Read More »

Why does the dollar fluctuate?

The dollar fluctuates in value for the same reason prices go up and down: supply and demand. When demand for dollars rises, the dollar goes up in value; when demand sinks, so does its value.TradeTh... Read More »

How much manure does a cow produce daily?

Generally cows will produce between 80 and 100 pounds of manure each day, depending on their size and what they eat. An average dairy cow weighing 1,000 pounds will produce an estimated 80 pounds ... Read More »