How much does workers compensation insurance cost?

Answer Rates for workers' compensation insurance are based on the number of subcontractors or employees you have and how much they earn annually, job risk and how many work-related injuries your company h... Read More »

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Do I Need Workers' Compensation Insurance for Independent Contractors?

Workers' compensation insurance is a policy to project workers if injured on the job. An independent contractor is not an employee. A business who hires independent contractors is not required to c... Read More »

Is an employer responsible for continuing health insurance coverage if an employee is out on workers compensation claim?

Answer I don't know anything in the Code that requires it. The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage for up to 6 month... Read More »

What does permanent injury mean in workers compensation in ohio?

A person who sustains a permanent injury while on the job in Ohio may be entitled to compensation under the state's Workers Compensation laws. The injury must meet certain conditions to be consider... Read More »

How to Get Workers Compensation From a Job?

Workers compensation ensures your medical bills and living expenses are taken care of in the event you are injured on the job. Sometimes referred to as workman's compensation, this type of insuranc... Read More »