Why Does Cold Water Weigh More Than Hot Water?

Answer One liter of hot water weighs less than one liter of cold water. Almost all liquids become heavier when they become colder. This is because, the colder the water, the more dense it is. ... Read More »

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How much does 1 cup of water weigh?

One cup of water equals 8 fluid oz. A fluid ounce is a measurement of volume, not of weight; 1 oz. of volume does not always equal 1 oz. of weight. However, 1 fluid oz. of water does equal 1 oz. of... Read More »

How much does sea water weigh?

Ocean water at the sea surface weighs about 1,027 kilograms per cubic meter and is heavier than fresh water that weighs 1,000 kg/cubic m. The additional weight is largely due to the salt content of... Read More »

How much does a water truck weigh?

A water truck carries water from sources such as wells to remote dry areas or bottling plants. When it is empty, a water truck can weigh up to 40,000 lbs., depending on its size. Water weighs appro... Read More »

How much do water heaters weigh?

A water heater is similar to a home appliance, but stores hot water for use when taking showers, baths, preparing foods or washing hands. Depending on the model and tank capacity, a water heater we... Read More »