How much does trademarking cost?

Answer First time applicants must pay a fee of $375 to register a trademark by paper filing. Filling electronically is slightly discounted, with a registration fee of either $275 or $325, depending on the... Read More »

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How do I check on a name for trademarking?

Conduct a CearchThe age of computers and the Internet have made it very easy to check on names for trademarking. Not only can you do a Google search to see if anyone is using a name but you can con... Read More »

Low cost or Cost effective driving schools in chicago northwest suburbs.?

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How much does the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon wireless cost yearly on a two year contract?

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How much does tile and installation cost in a living room of a 1500 sq ft house cost?

Way to many variables to even try to answer with out knowing a few things. Are you asking about vinyl or ceramic tile. What type of sub floor is there now? Wood or slab cement? Both vastly effe... Read More »