How much does topsoil cost?

Answer Topsoil costs $15 to $20 per cubic yard if you pick it up from the source. If the topsoil is delivered, the cost can rise to $25.Source:"American Horticultural Society: New Encylopedia;" American H... Read More »

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How much does one yard of topsoil cost?

While the cost of top soil can vary across the U.S., the cost at Home Depot is $4.31 for a square yard of bulk soil that is five inches deep (the recommended depth for laying new top soil). Prices ... Read More »

How much does a truckload of topsoil cost?

The price of topsoil is highly dependent on location and quantity. Larger quantities of topsoil are sold per cubic yard. A 12 foot bed dumptruck can hold about 5 yards of topsoil. In the United Sta... Read More »

How much does topsoil weigh?

Topsoil is measured by the cubic yard. One cubic yard of topsoil generally weighs from 1,700 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. The difference is determined by the amount of water in the soil. The more water, the ... Read More »

How much does 100 L of topsoil weigh?

One hundred liters of topsoil weighs about 314 lbs. A cubic yard of topsoil weighs approximately 2,400 lbs., and there are 764.6 liters in a cubic yard. Therefore, one liter of topsoil weighs 3.14 ... Read More »