How much does the zeppole at olive garden cost?

Answer If you go to…You can find out all their food prices! :)

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How much would it cost to go to Olive Garden?

Lunch or Dinner? Lunch portion is around $8 and Dinner is around $11 plus $2.75 for raspberry lemonade. You can also get unlimited pasta for $9.95 right now.

How much should it cost for 4 people at olive garden?

While other points are valid, i wouldn't assume everyone will go with the meal deals. Assuming they each get an entree of their own, you're looking at around a hundred for all four. After tip, you ... Read More »

How much money do servers at olive garden make?

Pay varies from night to night, you could make $200 one Saturday night, then make only $40 the next. Half off of food during your shift is a bonus.

Does Olive Garden use eggs in its pasta?

Olive Garden does not disclose whether it uses eggs in the majority of its pastas, so those who don't eat eggs should probably eat elsewhere. Olive Garden does state on its website that no items on... Read More »