How much does the zeppole at olive garden cost?

Answer If you go to…You can find out all their food prices! :)

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How much would it cost to go to Olive Garden?

Lunch or Dinner? Lunch portion is around $8 and Dinner is around $11 plus $2.75 for raspberry lemonade. You can also get unlimited pasta for $9.95 right now.

How much should it cost for 4 people at olive garden?

While other points are valid, i wouldn't assume everyone will go with the meal deals. Assuming they each get an entree of their own, you're looking at around a hundred for all four. After tip, you ... Read More »

Do you like olive garden?

Yes.I'd rather go someplace else most of the time, but the OG is just fine.

I think Olive Garden is the best?

Yea...I definately agree.The chicken alfredo is to die for.Next time...get the alfredo dipping sauce for the breadsticks...holy crap is that good!!!! :-)(btw...the salad rocks too!)