How much does the world's largest pumpkin weigh?

Answer Plump PumpkinIn 2009, Christy Harp, of Jackson Township just outside Canton, Ohio grew a 1,725-pound pumpkin that is believed to be the world's largest ever recorded. She took first place at the Oh... Read More »

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How much does the worlds fattest baby weigh?

well the answer is 16 pounds!!! The baby is struggling for his life :(

How much does the largest rubber band ball weigh?

The largest rubber band ball was made by John Bain and weighed more than 3,100 pounds. The ball was made of only rubber bands, measured 5 feet in diameter and 15.1 feet in circumference. It used 85... Read More »

Does a average watermelon weigh more than a average pumpkin?

Most likely they are about the sameThat would only matter to someone who wouldlike either or

How big is the largest pumpkin?

Growers are constantly testing the limits for how big a pumpkin can get, thus the record changes almost every year. As of 2009, the largest pumpkin on record weighed in at 1,725 pounds and was grow... Read More »