During a new moon, how much of the moon receives direct sunlight from the sun?

Answer The sun always shines on half of the moon, including during a new moon when, from Earth, the moon seems to have gone dark. During a new moon, the moon is between the sun and Earth, the moon's sun-... Read More »

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How much does Weight Watchers cost?

Weight Watchers is a weight loss management program that can be utilized in a number of manners. To sign up online with a three-month commitment, it is $5 per week. However, the standard plan requi... Read More »

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How much weight does a pulley take off?

If the pulley is "fixed" and cannot move, the force needed to move an object is equal to the object's weight. The force direction is simply reversed. When the pulley is "movable" and not fixed, the... Read More »