How much does the Statue of Liberty weigh in tons?

Answer The Statue of Liberty, a centennial gift to the U.S. from France, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It is made of copper and steel and weighs 225 tons.Source:Statue of Liberty National M... Read More »

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How many tons does a semi truck weigh?

A semi truck weights approximately 40 tons, which is about 80,000 lbs. This is the legal weight for a semi truck in the United States. The weight per axle is spread out to 34,000 lbs. for the drive... Read More »

How many tons does a 1994 Chevy Beretta weigh?

The heaviest 1994 Chevrolet Beretta was the Z26 trim with an automatic transmission. With a curb weight of 2,983 lbs., the Beretta was almost 1.5 tons. Every ton is the equivalent of 2,000 lbs.Sour... Read More »

What food stuff contains tons & tons of proteins for heavy & healthy workout purpose ?

Eggs,lentils,tofu,milk,yogurt, are some of the best.You can always supplement these by soy nuggets, soy milk and other soy products together with engineered whey protein powder as prescribed.Moreim... Read More »

During a new moon, how much of the moon receives direct sunlight from the sun?

The sun always shines on half of the moon, including during a new moon when, from Earth, the moon seems to have gone dark. During a new moon, the moon is between the sun and Earth, the moon's sun-... Read More »