How much does the iPhone gigabytes hold?

Answer nope u cant to my knowledge

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How much will 16 gigabytes on an iPhone hold?

it may be worth getting 8 gigs cauz 16 gigz fo iphone is way too much. 16 holds lots of apps also by the way their formatted. Everything u may want to download will barely take any space no matter ... Read More »

How many songs does 8 gigabytes hold?

Stores up to 2,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format.

How many songs does eight gigabytes hold?

How many gigabytes does a blank DVD disc hold?

A single-sided blank DVD can hold 4.37 gigabytes (GB), according to Video Help. Double-layered DVD media hold up to 7.95 GB and double-sided discs hold 8.37 GB. Double-sided and dual-layered discs ... Read More »