How much does the iPad 2 cost in target?

Answer We do not know what is wrong with it. Take it to the store and ask for an estimate

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Are you able to receive 5 percent off a iPad 2 if you use your target red card for purchase?

Depends. My 32GB iPad2 came with 29.00 GB, so it'll be around that amount.

Does IPAD price reduces during thanks giving day. If so what would be the cost of IPAD (only WI-FI)?

If Apple does what they did last year on Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving), you could expect about a $40 discount on a basic iPad. You'd be better off buying a refurbished iPad from the App... Read More »

How much does a camera cost at target?

How much does an iPhone cost at Target?

the iphone cost 99.99 plus tax cuz i went to target today and i saw soo ya