How much does the i pone 3gs cost in Kuwait?

Answer Using the button on the top-right of your phone. Push and release quickly just once, and your iPhone will lock.

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Talus pone poping help meeeeeeeeeeee?

Rubbing your talus pone may help it........ :-) .....

Are there any headphones in Kuwait?

Yes, there are many shops selling headphones in Kuwait but for the higher end model, it is only a handful. Brands like Bose, Beats by Dr. Dre, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips can be found on shopping mal... Read More »

How to Lease a Car in Kuwait?

If you are planning to move to Kuwait for work or vacation you can lease a car. It is much more convenient than using a bus or taxi and you can move around as you please. Kuwait has a variety of ca... Read More »

Is Kuwait tax-free for the military?

As of June 2010, Kuwait is considered an active combat zone and active military personnel can exclude certain pay from their incomes when determining their tax liability. The combat zone tax exclus... Read More »