Are paychecks public record?

Answer Only state and federal employee salary records are public records. Anyone may request salary information for government employees, including those employed by the city, county and state universitie... Read More »

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How much federal taxes are taken out of paychecks?

The amount of federal taxes taken from an employee's wages varies. An individual's tax liability is determined by the amount of wages earned, the exemptions claimed and their filing status. The per... Read More »

How to Figure Tax Withholding for Paychecks?

All employers are required to withhold taxes from employees' wages. The Internal Revenue Service collects Social Security, Medicare and federal income tax withholding. The state taxation agency adm... Read More »

How Do I Get My Unclaimed Paychecks From Past Jobs?

Sometimes when you leave a job, the company issues you a final paycheck that you either forget to pick up or they forget to mail it to you. Every year, the finance department goes through uncashed ... Read More »

How much does Canada take out of paychecks for health care?

The Canada Revenue Agency does not take automatic deductions from paychecks for health care. Canada takes out money for Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan, and only these deductions are m... Read More »