How much does the car body rise on its suspension?

Answer The amount depends on the weight of the car, its load and the type of suspension. However, most cars rise and fall about four to five inches on their unmodified factory suspension.Source:The Suspen... Read More »

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Will body temperature rise during labor?

Slightly, but temperature will be regulated by sweating.

Why does body temperature rise when you sleep?

Probably because it is cold when you sleep so your body needs to heat up.

Do guys body temperature rise around girls they like?

Your body temperature (and theirs) is maintained by a system of plumbing that includes pumping more blood to the surface and sweating. These are used to cool off the body core, which must remain at... Read More »

What is the difference between a body lift and a suspension?

There are two basic ways of raising a vehicle to fit larger tires: body lifts and suspension lifts. Though suspension lifts are generally considered the best route for performance and versatility,... Read More »