Is there any other program like photoshop?

Answer get the full version for free at sure for free and no trial thing.. attach with keygen and serial number.. go get them.. i cant live with photoshop and illustrator.. lol

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Im looking for a program where i can photoshop pictures.?

A lot of answers, but mostly Point Gamers wanting 2-points. LOL Do NOT use MS Paint. It is not a very good quality graphics editor. Check out the following options. I may have included some of the ... Read More »

Is there a program as good as adobe photoshop and what is it?

NO. Photoshop is the best image editor. There are other very good ones but none out performs photoshop.In my opinion the best photoshop version for normal image editing is 7. The larger size and mo... Read More »

What is a good photoshop program that i can use, thats free?

How to deactivate Photoshop when I can't find the program?

It would have helped to know what version of Adobe's PhotoShop you are talking about, and what Operating System you are using this on.And if you can not find the Executable file anywhere, then appa... Read More »