How Much Does a Person Need at Retirement?

Answer Social Security covers about 96 percent of the American workers, but is only a part of a retirement plan. Social Security provides about 40 percent of the funds needed for retirement, according to ... Read More »

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How much retirement money does a person need?

On One Hand: It Depends On A Number OF FactorsThe amount of money you need when you retire depends on a number of factors. First, how old will you be when you retire and how long do you expect to l... Read More »

How Does a Teacher Retirement Fund Affect My Tax Return?

Teachers receive special retirement benefits. Not only do you get a pension from your employer, but you get another savings plan called a 403b plan. These plans allow additional contributions for y... Read More »

How much skin will the average person have shed by the age of 70?

According to, humans will lose and regrow their outer layer of skin roughly every 27 days. This is the estimated equivalent to 1,000 new layers of skin in the average lifetime. Humans... Read More »

How Much Does the Average Person Blink in One Day?

On average, a person blinks about once every five seconds. That means that we blink 12 times a minute and 720 times an hour. Over a 16-hour day the average person blinks 11,520 times. If you stayed... Read More »