How much does a 2 karat princess cut diamond engagement ring cost?

Answer The cost of a 2-carat princess-cut engagement ring depends upon the stone's color and clarity, the ring's setting and the merchant. As of May 2010, a Tiffany's solitaire cost $26,900. However, Blue... Read More »

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How much do Web-Cams cost usually on average and how much does Skype cost, charge i'm not that familiar with?

Webcams are typically around $30, and Skype is a free service.

How Much Money Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

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How much does a WWE ring cost?

Although prices vary by company, a professional WWE-size wrestling ring could be purchased for $6,500 as of 2010. The ring package includes four posts, side rails and supports, turnbuckles, ropes a... Read More »

How much does a 3-karat diamond ring cost?

You can buy a 3-karat diamond ring in the $10,000 to $15,000 price range. Three-karat stones in this price range will often have one or more flaws, a mediocre color or a lower grade cut. You can fi... Read More »