How much does a nasa worker get paid?

Answer It was Russia. The mans name was Yuri Gagarin.

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How much does the average daycare worker make?

I started at $10 an hour. The secret is to get into a Learning Center (which is just like a daycare, but they do lessons as well). They pay much better. Try KinderCare or LaPetite Academy.

How much vacation time does the average worker in switzerland get?

Swiss law mandates that employers provide their employees with four weeks of paid vacation each year. Swiss workers with 20 years experience or more average close to 5 weeks of paid vacation. Worke... Read More »

How much does the average NCO military officer get paid?

NCOs (Noncommissioned Officers) are officers, the only difference between NCO's and Officers is that officers are commissioned by the President of the United Stated. There is no such thing as an 'a... Read More »

How Much Does a Psychology & Mental Health Technician Get Paid on Average?

Psychiatric and mental health technicians care for those in need of psychiatric care, but do so under the supervision and direction of licensed health care professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statis... Read More »