How much does the average toaster weigh?

Answer A couple pounds, depending on the model.

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How much does one onion weigh on average?

How much does the average casket weigh?

An empty casket's weight can range from 80 pounds for the lightweight, cloth covered cardboard casket to upwards of 800 pounds for a heavy wooden casket that is "triple-blanked." Many of the steel ... Read More »

How much does an average car battery weigh?

According to Waste Age magazine, an average car battery weighs 39 pounds, more than half of which is lead. A truck battery weighs 53 pounds, on average, and a motorcycle battery weighs 9.5 pounds.R... Read More »

How much does an average apple weigh?

An average apple weighs approximately 200 grams. Given that one pound is roughly 453 grams, an average apple weighs about 0.45 pounds. Apples can vary greatly, though, in size and weight.Referenc... Read More »