How much does a marine corps captain make a month on average?

Answer The US Military pay scales is applied across all of the services. It is based on the rank and the time in service for the member. Other factors include being married and special pay for jobs like... Read More »

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How much does an average 15 month old baby weigh?

How much does the average person spend on toiletries per month?

It all depends on how much that person cares about their hygiene

How much does the average family spend on credit cards per month?

According to the Nilson Report, which covers news related to the payments systems industry, as of March 2009, the average household spent $465 per month on credit cards. If their cards earned them ... Read More »

How much does the average american spend on home phones per month?

As of December 2008, the average consumer spends $40 a month for a home phone. By comparison, the average home phone expenses in 2006 were about $45.17 per month. Cell phone spending exceeds that o... Read More »