How much does the National guard make in the state of Alaska?

Answer The same as any other state. The amount paid is based on pay grade and time in service. When doing monthly UTAs, pay is based on the table used to determine pay for National Guard and Reserve membe... Read More »

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Does the Alaska National Guard operate the BMEWS?

No, the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, or BMEWS, is operated by the United States Air Force. This is a radar system that gives the U.S. military early warning of Intercontinental Ballistic... Read More »

Is the Alaska National Guard on duty full-time?

The Alaska National Guard has members who serve both full-time active duty, as well as many individuals who serve part time. National Guard members who are serving full active duty have responsibil... Read More »

Is the state national guard the same as the army national guard?

The state National Guard and the United States National Guard are one in the same, with the only variances being the authority they were activated under (state or federal). Not all National Guard p... Read More »

Can you choose which state to go to for air national guard?

To join a National Guard unit in a state other than yours, there generally has to be a reason. If you have an occupation which isn't available in your state (or for which no slots are open), that c... Read More »