How much does the EVGA RMA shipping cost?

Answer Depends on where you're shipping from. It cost me about $30 to ship a failed GTX 470 from VA to EVGA in CA for standard ground shipping via UPS.

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I have a Evga GTX 580 superclocked gpu...what would be a decent step up in the Evga range?

unless you are a super enthusiast and are using the Z77 chipset you will see no practical gain in performance from upgrading to Kepler yet. PCIe gen 2 isn't being fully saturated but we have moved ... Read More »

What is the difference between the evga gtx 295 co-op and the normal evga gtx 295?

The regular 295 is basically 2 gtx 275's in sli as 1 card.The co-op edition has both GPU's on the same card.But the co-op edition was only made so evga could make more money, it's hardly better tha... Read More »

How much does Abercrombie's shipping cost?

Shipping from Abercrombie depends on the amount of money spent on purchases before tax. Standard delivery is $10 when purchases equal $0 to $100, $15 for purchases from $100 to $300, $20 for purcha... Read More »

Is shipping a variable cost?

Shipping is a variable cost. The amount spent on shipping depends on the number of products shipped and the distance the goods will travel. In some cases, the amount paid per item will be lower as ... Read More »