How much does the Chevy Aveo weigh?

Answer The 2009 and the 2010 Chevy Aveo LS 4 door weighs 2,568 for the manual transmission and 2,579 for the automatic.Source:Chevy Aveo 2009Chevy Aveo 2010

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How Much Does a Chevy 3/4 Ton Pickup Weigh?

The 2010 Chevrolet Suburban LS 3/4-ton pickup has a curb weight of 6,570 lbs. This truck has a maximum capacity of 2,049 lbs. and 137.4 cubic ft. of cargo 2010 Subur... Read More »

How much does a Chevy Blazer weigh?

According to Consumer Guide, the Chevrolet Blazer had a curb weight of 4071 pounds. This weight will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending, upon the specific equipment and accessories in the vehic... Read More »

How much does a Chevy truck weigh?

Chevrolet builds three lines of pickup trucks: Colorado, Avalanche and Silverado. According to Chevrolet, the 2WD Colorado weighs 3366 lbs.; the 4WD crew cab weighs 4070 lbs. The 2WD Avalanche has ... Read More »

How much does a Chevy TrailBlazer weigh?

The weight and size of Chevrolet TrailBlazer depends on the year model, as well as the type of model or trim. The weight of the Chevrolet TrailBlazer typically ranges from 4,356 to 4,663 lbs.Refere... Read More »