What is the minimum cost of " indoor skydiving park" ,except the cost of land used by it.?

Answer This is your job. When you start a business you need to do research and determine what the costs are, fixed and not. Depending on where you are hoping to open this up insurance may be a VERY large ... Read More »

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Would you rather go skydiving or have a Harley♥?

I'm a pilot, and I love flying and skydiving sounds like it would be a blast. Fortunately If I buy my own parachute, and jump out of my own plane then skydiving would be a reasonable expence. But w... Read More »

How can you record skydiving backround and a separate person. The combine it?

Use a good Video Editing Program like this - The use a green screen, shoot your sky diver in front of it. YouTube and have lots of help ... Read More »

How much does the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon wireless cost yearly on a two year contract?

you can find them in and their is also used ones.

Low cost or Cost effective driving schools in chicago northwest suburbs.?

New Dehli Driving School 4 N 277 Sixth AvenueAddison, Illinois 60101 Office: (630) 543-5383