How much does rotator cuff surgery cost?

Answer The average cost for rotator cuff surgery is about $12,500, according to a 1999 study by the International Center for Health Outcomes and Innovation Research at Columbia University. This total incl... Read More »

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Do you know anything about "Rotator Cuff" surgery?

My dad just had that done two weeks ago today. They went in orthoscopically, which means they made a few "poke holes" and put tiny cameras in and fixed it that way instead of making a large incisi... Read More »

Has anyone here ever had "rotator cuff surgery"?

Yes, I did. The surgery was about an hour and a half, and then they strapped my arm across my chest and secured it with a sling and velcro straps. The ride home was horrible. Running over a little ... Read More »

What is rotator cuff surgery?

The rotator cuff is made up of shoulder muscles and tendons that allow the arm to raise and twist. This joint has the greatest range of motion in the body.SymptomsA rotator cuff injury can cause in... Read More »

What is done in surgery for a rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that work together to attach the four muscles of the shoulder to the upper arm. When this group of tendons is torn, the injury is known as a rotator cuff tear... Read More »