How much does rolled fiberglass insulation cost?

Answer As of May, 2010, the average price for a standard 15 foot roll of fiberglass insulation is around $25. This median price applies to most types of rolled fiberglass products, including faced and unf... Read More »

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How much does fiberglass insulation cost?

Fiberglass insulation costs between $8 and $10, depending on the brand, the size and where you buy it. In that price range, it is available in rolls between 30 square feet and 40 square feet.Source... Read More »

How to Install Fiberglass Rolled Insulation?

Fiberglass insulation comes in long strips that are rolled up for easy transport. The strips are designed to fit snugly between standard studs that are spaced 16 inches on center, thus filling up t... Read More »

How much does fiberglass insulation weigh?

Fiberglass insulation is very light, but its exact weight depends on its R-value, or insulation ability. A higher R-value indicates a higher ability to insulate. Fiberglass insulation with an R-val... Read More »

How much does r 25 insulation cost?

Insulation with an r-value of 25 costs approximately 66 cents per square foot, or $22 for a 15-by-25-foot roll. The Energy Star program recommends using insulation with an r-value of at least 25 wh... Read More »