How much does periodontal disease treatment cost?

Answer The cost for periodontal gum disease treatment varies between dentist. Patients are charged for treatment based on the extent of damage and amount of treatment needed to repair the damage. The fees... Read More »

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What is the relation between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease?

DENTAL INFECTIONS AND MEDICAL POBLEMS I BELIEVE THAT I READ SOMEWHERE that if you have an infection in your mouth, from either infected teeth or gums you have to be careful at the dentist. If a den... Read More »

What are some signs you may have periodontal disease?

painloose teethpainweird colored gumspain

Is periodontal disease contagious?

Periodontal Disease is not ContagiousPeriodontal disease is a multi-faceted disease. The initiating factors are primarily oral bacteria, and these bacteria can be spread from person to person. So, ... Read More »

How to Treat Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and destroys the gums, ligaments and tooth sockets supporting your teeth. Gingivitis, a mild form of periodontal disease can ty... Read More »