How much does one point lower a mortgage payment?

Answer The amount by which a point will reduce a mortgage payment depends on the interest rate, the loan amount and your lender. One point on a mortgage will cost you 1 percent of the mortgage amount, and... Read More »

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How much is a point on a mortgage payment?

Mortgage points come in two ways: discount points and origination points. Both types are equal to 1 percent of the total amount mortgaged. Mortgage points are important to consider when securing an... Read More »

How can I lower my mortgage payment?

Lowering your mortgage payment can help it fit more comfortably within your budget, and there area number of ways to get it done. Depending on your credit situation and your willingness to adjust t... Read More »

How do I lower my monthly mortgage payment?

If your mortgage payments have become a financial burden because you've lost your job or suffered a reduction in your annual income, you're far from alone. According to data from, 2.... Read More »

Can you lower a mortgage payment without refinancing?

When home owners think of lowering their mortgage payments, the term "refinance" usually comes to mind. But you can lower your mortgage payments without having to refinance the mortgage. By followi... Read More »