How much does mortgage protection insurance cost?

Answer Mortgage protection insurance is very similar to life insurance. It pays a death benefit to a beneficiary upon the owner's death. Prices range from $50 a month for simple plans to over $150 per mon... Read More »

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How Much Does Private Mortgage Insurance Cost?

Mortgage companies assume a risk with each loan funded to borrowers. If the borrowers fail to repay the mortgage loan, the lender takes a loss. To protect against such losses, lenders ask that borr... Read More »

What is mortgage protection insurance?

Two different insurance products fit under the name mortgage protection insurance. One type, mortgage life insurance, pays enough money in the case of an untimely death to cover the balance of the ... Read More »

How to Sell Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance policies pay a benefit equal to the outstanding principal balance on your primary mortgage in the event of your unanticipated death. Earning money selling this type of... Read More »

How to Sell Mortgage Protection Life Insurance?

The vehicle that drives success in insurance sales is viable leads. Without knowing whom to call upon, an agent has no plan for the day---no prospects to sell. Nothing scheduled in the book means n... Read More »