How much does liquid oxygen weigh?

Answer Liquid oxygen, which is classified as an industrial gas, is commonly used for industrial and medical purposes. The density of liquid oxygen is 1.141 kg/L (kilograms per liter). Converting that to U... Read More »

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How much does liquid oxygen cost?

The cost of liquid oxygen varies depending on the purpose you're buying it for. For health care applications, you will need relatively small quantities. You can buy 2 ounces of liquid oxygen for ar... Read More »

How much does liquid mercury weigh?

The atomic weight of liquid mercury is 200.59. Atomic weight is the weight of atoms of an element. The weight is calculated by taking the average mass of atoms of an element, mercury in this case, ... Read More »

How much does a gallon of liquid chlorine weigh?

A gallon of liquid chlorine weighs approximately 12.51 lbs. Liquid chlorine is about 1.5 times heavier than water and the weight of a gallon of water is approximately 8.34 lbs--1.5 X 8.34 lb/gallon... Read More »

How much does a gallon of liquid sulfur weigh?

Each cubic centimeter of molten sulfur weighs 1.819 grams. A gallon contains 3,785 cubic centimeters, so a gallon of molten sulfur weighs 6,885 grams, or 15.2 pounds. Sulfur melts at 115.2 degrees ... Read More »