How much does liquid oxygen cost?

Answer The cost of liquid oxygen varies depending on the purpose you're buying it for. For health care applications, you will need relatively small quantities. You can buy 2 ounces of liquid oxygen for ar... Read More »

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What is the temperature of liquid oxygen?

Liquid oxygen has a boiling temperature of -297 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturers extract liquid oxygen from air using a distillation process. The fluid is used in medical respiration treatments an... Read More »

How is liquid oxygen made?

Producers of liquid oxygen, a substance with uses ranging from aerospace to health care, subject air to extraordinarily cold temperatures to condense and distill the substance from the air.Liquid O... Read More »

What color is liquid oxygen?

The color of liquid oxygen ranges from a very pale blue to a sky blue hue. Oxygen becomes a liquid when its temperature drops below its boiling point. In the liquid form, oxygen is often used for s... Read More »

Uses of Oxygen in Liquid Form?

Liquid oxygen has several uses in the aerospace, submarine and gas industries. Its main function is as a rocket propellant. Rockets designed and flown since the beginning of the space age relied he... Read More »