Is nitrogen a gas or liquid?

Answer Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that constitutes about 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. It can be converted from gas to liquid state by reducing the temperature to -320 deg... Read More »

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How to Make Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is a chemical compound typically used to rapidly freeze items. Though liquid nitrogen is often used in scientific laboratories, it can also be used for home science projects. When l... Read More »

How to Freeze a Wart With Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is a simple, effective treatment for removing warts and moles commonly used by dermatologists. If you've already had warts treated in this way and feel comfortable with the procedur... Read More »

How to Remove Age Spots With Liquid Nitrogen?

Age spots are caused by the extra production of melanin, which is the dark pigment that gives our skin its color. This can happen because of sun damage or old age. Using liquid nitrogen has proved ... Read More »

How many cf are in a 25-liter liquid nitrogen cylinder?

According to the General Tables of Units of Measurement that the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides, 1 cubic foot equals 28.317 l. This means that there is 0.88 cubic foot in a... Read More »