How much does nitrogen cost?

Answer Nitrogen pricing will vary based on the processed state, which is either liquid or gas. Nitrogen gas prices range from 2 cents to $2.75 per 100 cubic feet, depending on purity. Liquid nitrogen pr... Read More »

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How much does liquid oxygen cost?

The cost of liquid oxygen varies depending on the purpose you're buying it for. For health care applications, you will need relatively small quantities. You can buy 2 ounces of liquid oxygen for ar... Read More »

Is nitrogen a gas or liquid?

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that constitutes about 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. It can be converted from gas to liquid state by reducing the temperature to -320 deg... Read More »

How to Make Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is a chemical compound typically used to rapidly freeze items. Though liquid nitrogen is often used in scientific laboratories, it can also be used for home science projects. When l... Read More »

How to Move Liquid Nitrogen Tanks?

Industrial gas dealers deliver liquid nitrogen in stainless steel tanks ranging from 176 to 276 liters. Though nitrogen is a relatively safe, unreactive gas, the low temperatures of liquid nitrogen... Read More »