How much does lasik eye vision surgery cost?

Answer The range of LASIK is from $1,500 to $3,500. On average, LASIK eye surgery is quoted at $2,140 or $2,314 per eye for waterfront-LASIK technology. However, this quote is for the procedure only and d... Read More »

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When does my vision recuperate after lasik surgery?

On One Hand: For Most, a Couple of DaysAccording to Associated Ophthalmologists of Des Moines, Iowa, most patients have an acceptable level of vision within one to two days after undergoing LASIK s... Read More »

I have the worst sight ever. I want to have lasik or PRK done to correct my vision. Good idea r not & why?

You have to be old enough to have a good chance of a stable perscription before you can consider it as srugery corrects your eyes as they are. If your eyes get worse later you are back to glasses. ... Read More »

Can you get Lasik surgery if you have?

Astigmatic keratotomy eye surgery is safe and effective, but in recent years has been largely replaced by LASIK, according to doctors from The Cleveland Clinic. The cornea of people who have astigm... Read More »

Has anyone here had Lasik eye surgery?

yes i did 8 years ago. i love it. you will feel NO pain. you may smell something and you will see grey for a second or so, but its over before you know it. trust me i am a big chicken. and i was f... Read More »