How much does kidney dialysis treatment cost?

Answer Kidney dialysis treatment, used to treat end-stage renal disease, cost between $4,341 and $9,760 per month for each individual treated in 2007. These costs vary based on the frequency of dialysis n... Read More »

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How to Prepare for Kidney Dialysis?

The kidneys remove waste and excessive amounts of water from the blood, which is critical to life. When kidney problems prevent the process from working correctly, waste may build up in the blood a... Read More »

Kidney Dialysis Technician Schools?

A dialysis technician, also known as a hemodialysis technician or renal dialysis technician, administers kidney dialysis to an individual whose kidneys have failed in order to filter waste from the... Read More »

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Kidney Dialysis Machines?

Machines used for kidney dialysis try to mimic the function of the kidney in the human body. One of the main roles of a kidney is to purify the blood by removing urea and certain salts from it. In ... Read More »

If work gives me long term disability insurance and I get chronic kidney disease but don't go on dialysis until after I leave work can I make a claim?

Premedical condition Yes, unfortunately it is. From my experience of trying to get insurance following a heart attack, they are particularly interested in whether you have your angina under control... Read More »