How much does invisalign cost and does it work ?

Answer Yes, Invisalign braces do work great for appropriate treatments, but they are not for all conditions. The cost depends on how long the treatment will take and, for Invisalign, how many trays are n... Read More »

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How much does it pay to work at Barnes& Noble?

According to PayScale, in 2010 retail sales associates at Barnes & Noble earn an average of $8.69 per hour. In addition, baristas earn about $8.07 an hour; lead cashiers are paid about $9.31 per ho... Read More »

How much is verizon isdn&how does it work?

Verizon's ISDN is an integrated service digital network that provides high-speed data transfer, and it allows the usage of voice, video and other large amounts of data over a single telephone line.... Read More »

Laser eye surgery. Have you had it How much did it cost Does it work?

I had my right eye laser corrected in June of 2006 and I am very happy with the results. I initially saw 20/30 in that eye, right after the surgery, but have now improved to 20/20 in that eye.Prio... Read More »

How much does a woman earn as opposed to a man for comparable work?

According to the PayScale Report as of May 2010, the median yearly salary for men in the United States is $67,259 compared to $48,902 for women. This makes women's salaries $18,357 or 27.29 percent... Read More »