How much does it cost to upgrade to Windows Vista?

Answer As of October 2009, upgrading an older Windows operating system to the Windows Vista Home Premium edition costs $199. The Professional edition costs $299, and the Windows Vista Ultimate edition is ... Read More »

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How much does an upgrade to Windows XP cost?

The cost of a Windows XP upgrade depends on where you buy the software. Microsoft no longer sells it, and it's not sold in retail stores. You can find the software online at websites such as Amazon... Read More »

How much money does it cost to upgrade windows 2000?

The cost of a Windows 2000 upgrade will vary based upon the seller. According to, the cost of the Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade is around $

Does Windows Vista anytime upgrade to x64?

Windows Anytime Upgrade for Windows Vista is no longer available, although it is currently available for Windows 7, as of 2010. However, according to Microsoft, you cannot upgrade from a 32-bit ver... Read More »

I want to upgrade to Vista home premium from windows xp pro, how much ram do i need and what is recommended?

In order for Vista premium to run smoothly, you'll will need atleast 1 gb of ram and above. I say you have enough for it to go on a good speed. heres the requirements. * 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or ... Read More »