How much does it cost to take the Series 7 exam?

Answer At the time of writing, the Series 7 exam cost $150 to take. This does not include costs associated with getting the required fingerprint and background checks or of finding a qualifying sponsor.So... Read More »

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How much does the Series 6 exam cost?

The Series 6 exam, which is a required test to transact several types of securities, costs $85. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, who administers the exam, also charges an annual process... Read More »

How much does it cost to take the cpa exam?

Costs associated with the CPA exam vary from state to state. For example, Oregon candidates pay fees that range from $178.58 to $226.28. Illinois applicants pay $40 to test on one section, $76 for ... Read More »

How much does it normally cost for an eye exam + contact lens exam + the actual contacts?

Contact lens prescription= $120.00 or more.Acuvue Contact lenses = $35.00 per box of six ( 1 box per eye lasts 3 months ).

How much did it cost to take the CPA exam in the 1970's?

In the 1970s the computerized CPA exam was just beginning. Back then, since computers were often expensive to manufacture, the test prices ranged from $550 to $850 depending on where you took your ... Read More »