How much does it cost to take the Series 7 exam?

Answer At the time of writing, the Series 7 exam cost $150 to take. This does not include costs associated with getting the required fingerprint and background checks or of finding a qualifying sponsor.So... Read More »

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How much does the Series 6 exam cost?

The Series 6 exam, which is a required test to transact several types of securities, costs $85. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, who administers the exam, also charges an annual process... Read More »

How much does it normally cost for an eye exam + contact lens exam + the actual contacts?

Contact lens prescription= $120.00 or more.Acuvue Contact lenses = $35.00 per box of six ( 1 box per eye lasts 3 months ).

What is the Series 63 exam?

The Series 63 is a test administered by colleges and universities, in conjunction with rules put forth by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). Anyone wanting to work as... Read More »

What is a Series 6 exam for?

Passing the Series 6 exam qualifies a person to sell mutual funds and variable annuities, according to Investopedia. The exam asks 100 questions, last two hours and 15 minutes and requires a score ... Read More »