How much does it cost to switch from a blackberrry to iphone 4 in at and t?

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I pee'd on my blackberrry?

OK first DON'T TRY TO TURN IT ON ANY MORE. By turing it on in the first place you may have doomed yourself already because when you do that it can fry stuff in the phone. Put some rice in a ziplock... Read More »

Can you switch ATT cell phones that are under the same plan because you want an iphone but you are not eligable for the cheap upgrade but one of your family members are and they dont want iphone?

Yes, I have done this several times. Basically the way it works is; if any of your phones are eligible for upgrade, they will sell you a new phone with 2-year plan at their current, new phone plan ... Read More »

How does an iPhone switch sides like for example you turn the iPhone vertically?

It is called an accellerometer. Electrons located in a chip with sensors in all directions on it move due to gravity. The sensors know which way the device is pointed, therefore changing position o... Read More »

If you switch to the new iPhone 3G how can you give your mom who is another ATT customer your iPhone?

you should go into the store and get a new sim card. you then go onto itunes and choose the "replace existing phone" option from the "current customer" part of the screen. putting a new sim in it a... Read More »