How much does it cost to start a fancy restaurant?

Answer Opening a fine-dining establishment can be an expensive proposition. In fact, it is not uncommon for an owner to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their restaurant. Everything must be c... Read More »

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Does food restaurant make more money a year, or regular fancy restaurant?

That would depend upon the location. I'm sure there are some McDonald's that make as much as, if not more, in a year than a 5 star restaurant, once you take costs, wages and other expenses into acc... Read More »

How to Act Like a Fancy Person at a Fancy Restaurant?

Want to impress someone at a very fancy restaurant, but you're not fancy? Follow these tips and by the end of the night you will be in everyone's good graces.

What's a good restaurant name for a fancy, rich italian restaurant?

How much does it cost to start up a restaurant?

In today's economic times, starting up a new business can be both exciting and frightening. Making sure you are prepared and knowing exactly how much money you will need contributes directly to suc... Read More »